Is getting a good night sleep a nightmare?

Is getting a good night sleep a nightmare?

It’s hard to value sleep in the fast-paced, high tech & caffeine fuelled world we live in. Do you know what good sleep feels like?? Or is it going to bed late, tossing & turning all night, being woken by garbage trucks thundering past or the buzz of a street lamp & struggling to wake up to get to work on time.

So are you getting the sleep your body deserves each night? The kind of sleep we’re talking about restores & revitalises you, filling your body with fresh energy & new perspectives.

Although studies cannot definitively show why the human body needs so much sleep, we do know we would die without it. Sleep is different for everyone & sleep needs vary. 8 ¼ hours is the average amount of sleep needed for an adult but some need more & some can function perfectly well on less.

Did you know that sleep is an active state for the body? We don’t just ‘shut down’. There are different stages of sleep:

Stage 1 – Between being awake and falling asleep, light sleep lasts up to 10 minutes
Stage 2 – Becoming disengaged from surroundings, breathing and heart rate are regular
Stage 3 – This is where the quality happens. Deepest and most restorative sleep, tissue growth & repair occurs, Energy is restored….Ahhhhhhhhhh!


Minimise Your Cataract Surgery Recovery Time with These Tips

Minimise Your Cataract Surgery Recovery Time with These Tips

While many people can be fearful and nervous about cataract eye surgery, or any laser eye surgery from Insight Eye Clinic, it’s often the recovery time that some fear the most. The actual surgery can be straightforward, quick, and painless, but then you have to worry about doing the right or wrong things in the days and weeks after the surgery.

However, to ensure your cataract surgery goes off without a hitch, it can be worth doing some of the following things. You may then recover faster and easier than you may have thought possible. 

Use Eye Drops

Immediately after your surgery, your eye doctor will have prescribed you antibiotic eye drops. These are designed to prevent infection and help with internal inflammation. While you might think your body is capable of handling infection risks on its own, it’s essential to use any eye drops prescribed to you – and follow the instructions for their use.


5 Ways You Can Finance Your Dental Implant Treatment

5 Ways You Can Finance Your Dental Implant Treatment

Going to dentists is an inevitable and necessary part of life and we unfortunately cannot get away from the fact that the cost of having dental implants is high. The specific cost anyone person will pay will depend on the dental practice they use, the specific brand of a dental implant fitted, and most obvious of all, how many dental implants actually need to be fitted. You do not need to be a mathematics professor to know that the cost of a single dental implant is going to be a lot less than a set of dental implants used to replace the full top and bottom rows of teeth.

The cost of dental implants might encourage you to shop around and try to find the cheapest possible dental implant practitioner, but we must add a note of caution here. By all means, look for the best value for money, but, given that you should be looking for dental implants to last a number of years, you must ensure that the dental implant solution you choose is the right one for you.

By that, we are not questioning the professionalism and skills of any dental impact practitioners but instead pointing to the fact that there are different dental implant products available. You also want to ensure that a specific dental implant is one that meets all your criteria with regards to quality and durability.

As far as the amount that you are going to pay, several factors will impact that price, and this could be anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000…per tooth! No small amount for just a single tooth, but if you have a full set of teeth you wish to be replaced by dental implants, then with adults having a total of 32 teeth, we suggest you take a deep breath before doing the multiplication.

If you are still with us, it now comes to the point where you can look at options for funding the procedure. An important point – we are not financial advisors, so this article is designed as general information and not financial advice. You must carry out due diligence and seek professional financial advice if necessary.


10 Ways You Can Reduce Your Sugar Intake To Protect Your Teeth

If there is one piece of advice relating to how you can reduce the risk of cavities and loose teeth that every dentist, including the experts at Dentist Perth, have given their patients, it would be to ‘Reduce the amount of sugar you intake’. Of course, knowing what you have to do it is one thing, but for the person who actually has to act the question they have is ‘How do I do it?’ Well, to help everyone who wants to cut down how much sugar they intake, here are 10 quick and simple ways it can be done.

#1 Set The Ground Rules From The Start: The best way to achieve anything is to have a plan in place that you are going to follow. When you trying to reduce sugar, rather than randomly taking actions as you go along, take some time to plan ahead, and think of the times and places times when you might weaken so you can prepare for them.

#2 Set Yourself A Daily Quota: From the outset, you must set yourself a quota of how many sugary foods and drinks you will be allowed to have each day. You also want to include in your quota at what times of the day you are allowed your intake of sugary foods.

#3 Be Accountable: You have a much better chance of achieving your goals if you have someone to support you and to whom you are accountable. It could be your spouse, partner, a friend, a family member, or best of all, someone else who is trying to reduce their own sugar intake.


Why You Should Hire A Professional Agency To Design Your Health Food Store’s Website

Why You Should Hire A Professional Agency To Design Your Health Food Store’s Website

As the owner or manager of a health food store, we are sure there are many aspects of your business that you need to do yourself, and there are others that you have already outsourced or would like to. If you are considering a new website for your health food store then the professional website designers at strongly advise you to add this to the ‘outsource’ column.

You might be thinking, ‘Of course they would say that’; however, their advice is given, not simply in the hope that you choose them, but from their experience of clients coming to them in need of help, having first tried to build their website themselves. Not only have these clients got nowhere near to completing their website, but the amount of time they have wasted, which could have been better spent running their health food store, is staggering.

So, assuming you do not want to be in the same situation, let us look at why hiring a professional website design agency is not only the most sensible choice but is also the correct business decision with regards to your completed website being able to help your health food store’s success to grow.

The first benefit is one we have already mentioned and that is time. A web design agency will have experts in each of the fields necessary to build websites and so, rather than you as one person doing it all, they will have an entire team. This not only speeds up the whole process so that your website is ready to go live much sooner, but it means your time is spent doing what you do best…managing your health food store.


Why You Should Use Facebook Ads To Promote Your Restaurant

Why You Should Use Facebook Ads To Promote Your Restaurant

If you have spent any time considering how digital marketing can help boost your restaurant business, you cannot have escaped the fact that advertising on social media is massive online. The question is which social media channels you should use, and if you were to ask an online marketing agency like Slinky Digital, they would advise you that Facebook ads offer restaurants several advantages.

The first and most obvious point about Facebook is that it is the largest social platform on the internet. As such, logic tells us that in your local catchment area, the chances are that more of the people you would hope to target in any digital marketing campaign for your restaurant will be on Facebook than on any other social media website.

For example, Facebook has more than double the number of users than Instagram and more than TikTok, Weibo, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, and Reddit combined. We are not saying you should not consider using any of the other social media sites, especially if you wish to target some of the demographic groups that use them, but any paid advertising campaign for your restaurant is going to be less effective if Facebook is not included in it.

We mentioned demographics in the last paragraph, and should you choose to use Facebook ads as part of your social media campaign, Facebook’s ability to pinpoint exactly the audience you wish to target makes it so much more effective.


Time for Dentures

How to Tell it’s Time for Dentures  

Many people want to hold onto their natural teeth for as long as possible. And, with a regular oral health care routine and dental checks, that’s entirely achievable. However, through life choices and circumstances, sometimes a cosmetic dentist can see the need to offer their patient the option of dentures. At what point do they become a valid option? Read on to find out.

Your Teeth Are Loose

Teeth, naturally, should not be loose. However, gum disease can affect the roots of your teeth, causing them to work their way free. Loose teeth are prone to falling out and cracking, not to mention being more at risk of bacteria settling in and causing infection. At this point, your dentist might recommend dentures.

You Have Red and Swollen Gums

Healthy gums are pink, but unhealthy ones that are showing signs of periodontal disease are red and swollen. Early on, gingivitis can be reversed through oral hygiene and dental cleaning. However, the longer you leave it before taking action, the more likely you are to need dentures as time goes on.


In-Chair Teeth Whitening

How to Keep Your Teeth White After In-Chair Teeth Whitening

According to a Journal of Dentistry study, up to 52 percent of survey respondents aren’t happy with the colour of their teeth. If you fall into that category, then you will be pleased to know that your local dentist at Joondalup Dentist can offer a solution.

In-chair teeth whitening is a wonderful option for many people with yellow or stained teeth who want to feel confident showing off their grin. Even for those with permanently stained teeth, dentists can offer porcelain veneers to solve the problem.

However, after in-chair whitening, it’s easy to assume that your teeth will be white forever. You’ve had the treatment; they look fab, so why wouldn’t they look that way forever? Ongoing care is required to maintain your new set of pearly whites. Here is how to keep your smile whiter and brighter for longer.

Take-Home Trays

After seeing your dentist for in-chair teeth whitening, ask them about take-home trays and whether they are right for you. Take-home trays are custom moulds with a bleaching solution, designed to maintain that beautiful white smile.

Unlike over-the-counter whitening trays, those from your dentist are custom-fitted to your teeth, and with a stronger solution for a more accurate and effective whitening experience.


Dental Implants

How to Care for Dental Implants

The Oral Health Tracker national report card in Australia shows that many Australians are not caring for their teeth as they should. Tooth decay is the most widespread chronic disease, and only just over half of Australians are brushing their teeth twice per day, as recommended by dentists.

Even scarier is the knowledge that the average Australian adult is missing around five teeth. That’s why dental implants are growing in popularity, with thousands of people visiting their dentists to perform the procedure and get back that coveted set of pearly whites.

Dental implants are replacement teeth that replace one or more teeth in the front or back. They take the form and function of a natural tooth but are permanently fixed in place, unlike dentures.

While Dental Implant don’t decay as regular teeth do, they do require care and attention. Read on to learn how to maintain your dental implants and why they might be right for you.


The brushing process for dental implants is similar, or the same, to regular teeth. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush and brush all your teeth, including the implant, twice daily. Dentists recommend brushing for about two minutes, morning and night. (more…)

Improve Your Mental Health

Five Ways to Improve Your Mental Health

Although Australia is one of the more “modern” and “advanced” countries in the world, our culture still has a huge racism problem. This stretches to include everything from casual racism to obvious racial discrimination within many workplaces.

Unfortunately, racial discrimination can have severe impacts on people’s mental health. If you’ve ever suffered such problems, you may have encountered mental illnesses as a result.

And although you should always take steps to ensure racial discrimination is eliminated from your workplace – including seeking legal advice if necessary – it’s also important to keep yourself healthy.

To help you do this, we’ve put together the following guide of five easy ways to improve your mental health and maintain a positive state of mind.

  1. Do Something You Enjoy

If you feel like your mental health is suffering as a result of discrimination (or anything else), you may need to just sit back and relax for a while. One of the best ways to return yourself to a positive state of mind is to spend time doing things you enjoy.

For example, if you love the ocean, you might consider getting out for regular walks, fishing, diving or even surfing if you’re an athletic type. It’s also a well-known fact that simply being out in nature is good for your mental health.