10 Ways You Can Reduce Your Sugar Intake To Protect Your Teeth

If there is one piece of advice relating to how you can reduce the risk of cavities and loose teeth that every dentist, including the experts at Perth Dental Clinic, Dental O So Gentle, has given their patients, it would be to ‘Reduce the amount of sugar you intake’. Of course, knowing what you have to do it is one thing, but for the person who actually has to act the question they have is ‘How do I do it?’ Well, to help everyone who wants to cut down how much sugar they intake, here are 10 quick and simple ways it can be done.

#1 Set The Ground Rules From The Start: The best way to achieve anything is to have a plan in place that you are going to follow. When you trying to reduce sugar, rather than randomly taking actions as you go along, take some time to plan ahead, and think of the times and places times when you might weaken so you can prepare for them.

#2 Set Yourself A Daily Quota: From the outset, you must set yourself a quota of how many sugary foods and drinks you will be allowed to have each day. You also want to include in your quota at what times of the day you are allowed your intake of sugary foods.

#3 Be Accountable: You have a much better chance of achieving your goals if you have someone to support you and to whom you are accountable. It could be your spouse, partner, a friend, a family member, or best of all, someone else who is trying to reduce their own sugar intake.

#4 It All Starts with Breakfast: It is rightly called the most important meal of the day, so make a great start to each day by eating breakfasts that are low in sugar, such as cereals with no added sugar.

#5 Snack Wisely: You are still allowed to snack and there will be times of the day when you need one. There are hundreds of snack ideas that have little or no sugar such as nuts, celery sticks, and protein bars.

#6 Check What Is In Your Coffee: You might love the Caramel Hot chocolate or Frappuccino from your local coffee shop, but, unfortunately, they contain loads of sugar.  Try switching to the more basic, but nonetheless, delicious coffees, that have zero sugar, such as Americano.

#7: Eat Whole Fruits: Yes, they do contain sugar, but they are natural sugars so less harmful, and of course fruit is good for your health. One tip to minimise the amount of sugar from fruits that sticks to your teeth is to eat fruits whole, rather than crushing them into smoothies, for example.

#8 Read The Labels: People are often shocked reading the label and discovering the large amount of sugar that is in what was branded as a ‘Healthy Option‘. Often ‘healthy’ refers to lower fat but not sugar which makes it extremely important that you check the labels on foods and drinks.

#9 Drink More Water: Being properly hydrated is important for lots of health reasons but the fact that water can fill the gap when you might feel peckish and reach for a sugary snack is another reason to always have a bottle of water nearby.

#10 Go To Bed Earlier: Apart from the benefit your overall health will receive from one or two more hours of sleep, by not staying up late and being tempted to eat a sugary midnight snack, removes another risk factor with respect to your sugar intake.